When Cool Meets Chic: #ThenewBR Fashion Event


Hey darlings,

Last week I attended the Grand Opening of the new Banana Republic Flagship Store in the Flatiron district which was super amazing being hosted by designer Marissa Webb, Jamie Chung, and Christene Barberich! It was a night full of fun, fashion, and good people – it was good time! Of course, some of the who’s who in the fashion world was there so it was great meeting other dope people such as different creative directors, bloggers, stylists, models, and even those who lived in the neighborhood.  I love meeting new people – oddly enough because I used to be extremely shy and still am to some degree (I know you don’t believe me smh)! But, the highlight of the night for me was meeting and having fun with Marissa Webb AND Jamie Chung! Seriously what is happening in my life?! To those who don’t know, designer Marissa Webb is the NEW creative director for the Banana Republic brand in which the new collection, the #newBR, is now available! Of course, I LOVE the new collection AND Marissa Webb! This spring you can expect an array of blues for both the men and women – their signature cobalt blue will surely grab your attention! Black and white will never get old nor will a crisp tailored look from Banana Republic. Honestly, this cool meets chic collection will be a must in your Spring wardrobe. Seriously. But, check take a look through my eyes on such a glamorous evening and be sure to add some pieces to your closet from Banana Republic’s new collection!

Attire: Faux Leather Jacket – Target

           Blouse – H&M 

           Cardigan – Macy’s

            Jeans – H&M 

           Shoes – Macy’s

  Just a taste of the festivities! Food, drinks, fashion, and good music!


This picture alone makes me want to buy EVERYTHING from this collection!! 

 I. Just. Love. It. Dresses. Skirts. Leather Pastel Leather Jackets. Peach blouses. Can a girl ask for more??

 Men, are you ready for the denim and jackets from their Heritage collection?!

 Oh, just goofing around with Marissa Webb and Jamie Chung! Can you say dream come true?! 🙂 

 Met another fellow model, Bryan, who’s from St. Louis like me!!! What’s uppppp! But, isn’t he and his beard gorgeous though!!


Yeaaaaaaaa #FashionInsider 

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