Killing the StreetStyle: Grandma Edition

  Hey darlings!

Yesterday, I was such a BEAUTIFUL day in the city – what spring is really about it! It’s been such a longggg winter that I was beginning to believe that we might not see the beauty of spring; I’m sure many of you can agree as well. There was a slight breeze in the midst of the sunny day, so I couldn’t get too excited and walk out the house half naked as I saw many people did! But who could blame them? We’re all desperate for some warm change in the weather. Needless to say, I’m still in my tomboyish mood but I still wanted to keep it chic. Therefore, I decided to wear these rugged-knee denim rolled up to give me a James Dean look and pair it up with this beautiful blouse that belonged to my late grandmother who passed away last July. You know, I’m not sure if grieving ever gets better because when I begin to think about all the deaths in my family, I just tear up. I miss my grandmother so much – I miss her feistiness, sass, love, and of course, her amazing cooking. I hope she’s proud of the woman that I’ve become, looking down from heaven. And I hope to honor her with this take in wearing her blouse. Be inspired 😉 Miss you Grandma! Xoxo

Attire: Blouse – My Grandmother

            Jeans: H&M 

           Boots: Target


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