Making the Shift in My Life: Long Tall Sally Edition

  Hello darlings!

Long time, no write! Lol!

I know it’s been a minute since my last blog post, but a break was needed. Sometimes life begins spinning and before it spins out of control, I’ve learned to take a step back and examine my surroundings. From that approach, I’ve gained much clarity of where I’m at, where I came from, and where I want to go. 

I’m a “MAKE IT HAPPEN” person and I’ve done just that in all of my accomplishments. But, the fulfillment wasn’t there anymore – my soul was longing for greater, greater than what I could ever imagined or attained thus far. 

You know, I thought I had it ALL figured out. But, nope. Not at all. 

Everything came to a halt. It’s been a “NOW WHAT?” moment.

However, I’m giving myself permission to change. Permission to make the shift. Permission to satisfy my soul’s longing.  And of course, change isn’t easy – this transition is rather ughhhh. Yet, I am excited on embarking another journey.

But, bear with me as I shift into the next phase of my life. I pray that as I change for the better and greater, you will be encouraged to do the same if necessary. 😊

Also, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Long Tall Sally with their TTYA x Long Tall Sally capsule collection which is super amazing! Many of you may remember me blogging about them earlier this year – a brand for tall women! However,  I’ve gotten my hands on (well my body lol) on the dopest items from the collection in which you see in the pics – PERFECT for Spring and Summer! I’m wearing the Powder Blue Culotte (pants) and Powder Blue Crop Top – my new FAVORITE staples in my closet that every girl needs too! And of course, I had to add my own twist to my attire! So I recommend you all to check this collection out from Long Tall Sally and have fun making the changes in your life and in your wardrobe 😉

Attire: Denim Jacket – Men’s Levi

            Shoes – GAP

            Crop Top – TTYA x Long Tall Sally

            Culotte – TTYA x Long Tall Sally


New Year: New Zone!

IMG_0465Darlings, it’s a new year. February is already flying through; we’re getting ready to hit the half way mark! For some, they might say, ‘Yikes’ and others (like myself) may say ‘Yeaaaaaaaa’.  But, I’m saying yea because I’ve made up my mind (seriously though, not like the other times) to be UNCOMFORTABLE this year. Being uncomfortable is the direct result of stepping outside of your comfortable zone. Yes, it’s scary.  But, it’s the only way to grow and see the change in your life that you OH so desire to see.  Doing the same thing that you’ve been doing (that I’ve been doing) isn’t going to make the cut this year. I truly believe that this is OUR year, so we MUST go after what we want (I’ll discuss further about this in another post). And we can only do that outside of our comfort zone.

So c’mon, fall out of love with your zone and GO GET WHAT YOU WANT!

The Luxurious Change of A Season

Ahem. Fall is here.

The season has officially changed.

And so should yours.

I’m a firm believer that there’s a season for everything. A season of favor. A season of troubling waters. And so forth.

As the seasons change, so should we. We should be evolving and maturing in every aspect of our lives. When trouble arise, we should take those lessons and apply them to the next, better season of our lives. We should rise after every fall. We should smile after draining tear. We should help another after we’ve been help. There has to be a counteract after everything we’ve been through.

You might have been down this last season, but now it’s time to get up. You might have been broke the last season, but now it’s time to acquire wealth. You might have been brokenhearted the last season, but now it’s time to love again.

Change, my darling. Change.

You can do it.

Be out with the old and in with the new.

Renew your mind. I know it’s hard. Just try it for a day and go from there.

Now is the time.

The season has changed. And so can you. 😉


In Harlem today adjusting to the change of season, of course in style!

A Luxurious Fight When Your Past Creeps Up

What do you do when your past keeps rising up?

What do you do?

It always seems like every time you take a step forward, the past attempts to take you three steps backwards. It’s like the past never wants to release you. Ugh.

And this is where many of us struggle: we are living in the present while trying to reach towards the future yet the past wants to bring us back. It’s a battle. And a hard battle at that.

You’re ready to move on. But, the past isn’t ready for you to move on. Ugh.

But, so what! Move on anyways!

Every time that your past decides to creep up, it’s just an indication of a CHANGE, a BREAKTHROUGH, that’s getting ready to eradicate it’s very presence. You’re getting closer and closer, so that’s why your past is arising more than ever. But, keep on pushing. Keep on moving forward. Keep on pressing. When the past comes up, don’t even give it any energy. Bounce that thought and keep it moving. Tell your past, “You’re just mad that my greater is coming, but I’m moving on anyways!”

So darlings, KEEP MOVING ON!!

My Response to a GroupMe message

A few weeks ago, I responded to a GroupMe message with my friends that I hope helped all of us in the group.

Today, I read it over again.  Maybe it can help you.  Maybe me again.

Differently which means something gotta give at some point. I think we all wonder “well how am I gonna do this? How am I going to pay my bills? How am I going to eat?” But the truth of the matter is we don’t know the “how”; we’re just going to have to DO something. We will DIE staying in the same position for the rest of the year, etc. I’ve learned that sometimes God will allow all the frustrations, breakdowns, and havoc to take place to get us to MOVE – we have no other choice but to bc we can’t take it anymore – He wants us to get to a place where we HAVE to say “Eff it, I can’t take it anymore, I’m taking this leap of faith and I’m doing SOMETHING so God you’re going to have to do something”…think about it, we’re all waiting for the perfect conditions to quit our jobs or do whatever but the truth is the conditions will NEVER be perfect, God don’t work like that. Make a move and watch God move. Y’all came here with faith so continue with faith. This ain’t for the faint, so keep it moving. Also, we have to set goals and KEEP them. You’re going to have to set deadlines like for ex. By Aug. 5, I’m quitting my job so now up until then you will be forced to find something (it’s just an ex). Do you think quitting my job was easy…Nah son. But, change was needed.