Chic – Ness in the Rain


    Although I hate the rain, it doesn’t stop me from looking chic in it! This morning, I woke up (in a rush of course smh) in a tomboyish mood, but didn’t want to complete a full tomboy look, so I threw on this frilly skirt to add a touch a feminity to my look. This SICK bomber jacket sets the tone especially with “New York” written on the back of it. And of course, today’s rainy forecast called for my messy bun – my go-to hairstyle! Thankfully, I came prepared and packed my umbrella which brought my look to life for the rain!! A bold colored umbrella is always the key to standing out. So darlings, if you ever find yourself entering the rain, you can still keep it chic! Be inspired 😉 


 Attire: Bomber jacket – Mango

             Skirt: Forever21

             Boots – Target

            Umbrella – I found it laying by itself, it was a lost umbrella looking for its new owner, ME lol 



Day 4: NYFW

It’s my time, so don’t be surprised.
I plan to conquer the world, one day at a time and so should you. We have everything we need inside of us to do so. So let’s conquer this world and look good at it too! Be inspired;)

*This look was inspired by my mother – I remember my mother wearing this look when I was a little girl*

Attire: Fur Coat – Family coat that finally got passed down to me!
Dress: Zara
Shoes: BCBCGeneration
Scarf: My mother’s
Sunglasses: Liz Claiborne

The Signature: Case of the Black Hat

Hey darlings,

Saturday’s musings consisted of running through the city! And of course, it was Valentine’s Day, so love was in the air all cross the border. And speaking of love, this black hat, that I dearly LOVE, has really become my signature – you’ll find me wearing this hat throughout my blog posts. However, you WON’T find me wearing it the same way nor with the same outfit. The trick is to wear the hat differently with various styles – versatility is CRUCIAL when purchasing a hat! Therefore, I encourage you to select a hat that allows you to be creative in your attire. Be inspired 😉

*Oh and one of my musings consisted of frolicking at the beautiful famous Waldorf Astoria hotel. Yeaaaaaaaa it’s an amazing place to be!*

Attire: Dress – Vince Camuto (I found this baby at Marshalls!)
Belt – I haven’t the clue where I got it from (oops lol)
Boots – Nine West
Hat – H&M

Fall Attire: A Nude Dress

From my previous post, A Chic Sunday in Brooklyn, I promised to showcase the dress I had on that was beautifully hidden under my leather jacket. Of course, it’s more stunning without the jacket but you know I had to add my edge to it. But, I’m in love with the nudes right now especially since my style has been changing and evolving into more of who I’ve become! Nudes are great right now especially during this fall season; try to add a twist to a nude piece you may have in your closet as this dress has plenty of twists and edges (which is why I love it so much!). Take a look and see for yourself! Be inspired 😉

Attire: Dress – Byron Lars Beauty Mark
Shoes – Nine West