Embracing God’s Love – A Model’s Understanding

Life sometimes will throw you curves and you won’t know why. But, it’s important to understand who you are – a child of God. You were created uniquely by God with His foundation of love. And everything that God makes is wonderful; therefore you are wonderful. Today, if you’re feeling lost, alone, frustrated, or unloved, negate those feelings immediately and know that you are loved by the Most High. Nothing can separate you from the love of God through Christ. When I sought love through a man and was rejected, God still loved me. When family members belittled me and verbally attacked me, God still loved me. When the kids at school made fun of my speech, God still loved me. When I was broke and lost with nowhere to go, God still loved me. And when I didn’t love myself, God still loved me. So take heart on this day and embrace God’s love.


Day 4: NYFW

It’s my time, so don’t be surprised.
I plan to conquer the world, one day at a time and so should you. We have everything we need inside of us to do so. So let’s conquer this world and look good at it too! Be inspired;)

*This look was inspired by my mother – I remember my mother wearing this look when I was a little girl*

Attire: Fur Coat – Family coat that finally got passed down to me!
Dress: Zara
Shoes: BCBCGeneration
Scarf: My mother’s
Sunglasses: Liz Claiborne

Music Motivation: Hampton Alumni Edition

It was at this institution where my gift of music was nurtured and brought alive. Often times I wondered how I was going to pass some of my music classes bc of my hearing impairment (in which I did, at the top of my class too). I was always perplexed at how some of my fellow classmates failed and changed majors when I was the one that couldn’t hear. Never have I complained bc of my hearing loss and never will I start. I’ll just work harder so I can hear what the world hears everyday. And I do believe God will heal me too. 🙂 💜

*When I stepped out this window on the 6th floor, I said ‘Lord don’t let me die on the ledge like this’*. LOL!

Shot by: Sheila J (modelsavings.com)

Military Mode : The Luxurious Battle

In life, we battle many storms. And some currents are stronger than others. But, we, as a people must stand against all blows and fight to the end, the end of the storm. It is in the fight where our character and strength illuminates and determines the depth of our internal sufferings. It is in the fight where we learn the true meaning of perseverance. It is in the fight where we learn how sturdy our foundational ships are. BUT, it is in the final blow of the fight where we stand after every fall.

Our ships may have been blown to pieces but our invincibility shines over every shattered wood from our cores.

Indeed, the battle will be won.
You will make it.
You made it through before.
You are a survivor.

After every storm, the sun does still come out.

The hell that you went through is over. Live in the victory. One day at a time.

Remember, there’s always an attack before a miracle.

Military Attire: Multiple Attacks, Multiple Miracles

Attire: Top & Skirt – Byron Lars Beauty Mark