Morning Motivation

So often we find ourselves stuck in the “wishing” well which can very much cause stagnation in our lives. There’s nothing wrong with wishing at all. In fact, I believe that wishing is the beginning of many dreams waiting to come into fruition. However, many of us continue wishing and don’t “do” it. Unfortunately, we allow such a gap between the wish and execution to exist which slowly causes internal deterioration. We begin to digress within, the longer we stare at what we wish/dream to happen. Our spirit man take a a plunder and opens doors for jealously, frustration, and even unhappiness. But, take heart, because all of that can change! You have the power and ability to close the gap of a simple wish and its manifestation. You may say it’s impossible, but relax because the word itself says “I’m Possible”. Whatever hesitation or doubt you may have, arrest it and lock it up for good! This is your time to do it. Just take a step and close that gap between a wish and manifestation. It’s your time. 


New Year: New Zone!

IMG_0465Darlings, it’s a new year. February is already flying through; we’re getting ready to hit the half way mark! For some, they might say, ‘Yikes’ and others (like myself) may say ‘Yeaaaaaaaa’.  But, I’m saying yea because I’ve made up my mind (seriously though, not like the other times) to be UNCOMFORTABLE this year. Being uncomfortable is the direct result of stepping outside of your comfortable zone. Yes, it’s scary.  But, it’s the only way to grow and see the change in your life that you OH so desire to see.  Doing the same thing that you’ve been doing (that I’ve been doing) isn’t going to make the cut this year. I truly believe that this is OUR year, so we MUST go after what we want (I’ll discuss further about this in another post). And we can only do that outside of our comfort zone.

So c’mon, fall out of love with your zone and GO GET WHAT YOU WANT!

Dreams Do Come True: St. Thomas Edition

Day after Wedding 2Ahhh it’s been a week since I left St. Thomas for my best friend’s wedding. This picture was literally taken last Sunday at the hotel, the day after her wedding (look at that AMAZING view behind us!).  You know we’re close when we spent the whole day hanging out the day after the wedding, LOL! But, nonetheless, much CONGRATS to my best friend for getting married and having the wedding of her dreams.  We’ve DREAMED and TALKED about this moment FOREVER, and to watch it happen last Saturday was beyond AMAZING!

Dreams do come true. I witnessed one last weekend 🙂

Happy Sunday!