Making the Shift in My Life: Long Tall Sally Edition

  Hello darlings!

Long time, no write! Lol!

I know it’s been a minute since my last blog post, but a break was needed. Sometimes life begins spinning and before it spins out of control, I’ve learned to take a step back and examine my surroundings. From that approach, I’ve gained much clarity of where I’m at, where I came from, and where I want to go. 

I’m a “MAKE IT HAPPEN” person and I’ve done just that in all of my accomplishments. But, the fulfillment wasn’t there anymore – my soul was longing for greater, greater than what I could ever imagined or attained thus far. 

You know, I thought I had it ALL figured out. But, nope. Not at all. 

Everything came to a halt. It’s been a “NOW WHAT?” moment.

However, I’m giving myself permission to change. Permission to make the shift. Permission to satisfy my soul’s longing.  And of course, change isn’t easy – this transition is rather ughhhh. Yet, I am excited on embarking another journey.

But, bear with me as I shift into the next phase of my life. I pray that as I change for the better and greater, you will be encouraged to do the same if necessary. ­čśŐ

Also, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Long Tall Sally with their TTYA x Long Tall Sally capsule collection which is super amazing! Many of you may remember me blogging about them earlier this year – a brand for tall women! However,  I’ve gotten my hands on (well my body lol) on the dopest items from the collection in which you see in the pics – PERFECT for Spring and Summer! I’m wearing the Powder Blue Culotte (pants) and Powder Blue Crop Top – my new FAVORITE staples in my closet that every girl needs too! And of course, I had to add my own twist to my attire! So I recommend you all to check this collection out from Long Tall Sally and have fun making the changes in your life and in your wardrobe ­čśë

Attire: Denim Jacket – Men’s Levi

            Shoes – GAP

            Crop Top – TTYA x Long Tall Sally

            Culotte – TTYA x Long Tall Sally


The Luxury of a Simple Smile

´╗┐´╗┐In life, things happen and it’s easy to allow our circumstances to dictate our moods and the outcomes of out days. But, what good is that? It, unfortunately, won’t change a thing. 

The pressures of life are hitting me hard as I continue to pursue my dreams and make an impact on others lives along the way. Last night I just threw the covers over my head and went to sleep. But, the Spirit woke me up in which I did get up because I had work to do! I still have lives to impact. I still have music to create. I still have dreams to pursue. I STILL HAVE TO KEEP MOVING. My pastor always says that we have to learn how to keep moving while we are going through what we are going through. Life will not pause just because there’s some minor turbulences in our lives.

 Sorry. I tried it and it doesn’t work. 

However, we do have the power to adjust how we respond to each circumstance as they come. And today, I choose to SMILE and believe that everything will be okay. God’s in control. My light will continue to shine in spite of everything. So darlings, I encourage you to keep smiling, keep shining, and keep moving in spite of your circumstances. ­čśë

Attire: Dress – Bar III

            Bracelet – My Grandmother’s

The Luxurious Dilemma: Getting Naked at the Spa

´╗┐´╗┐Sooooooooo the weekends are for you to relax and chill, right? WRONG! Not for me – it means work, work, and finish whatever I haven’t completed during the week for me! I know it shouldn’t be like that, but I just have so many goals to accomplish this month and this year that I must get a move on with.  However, I am learning how to take care of myself and relax.  A struggle it is.  But, I’m making progress. 

 Well, over the weekend, everything got shut down and my work was neglected! Why?  Because I took an unexpected trip to New Jersey for a spa day with my girl Nicole which was very MUCH needed for the both of us! An adventure it was nonetheless.  We had a great time and even spent the night there which was dope (ended up leaving at 8am, walked to the NJ Transit bus in route back to Manhattan, AND made it back in time for church since I had to sing in the choir yesterday!). 

 Anyways, it was a Korean spa with a variety of saunas to roast in (yes, I mean roast), array of massage rooms, board games provided throughout the three level venue, with an amazing authentic Korean restaurant (we had the chicken teriyaki for dinner and ate with our spoons because the chopsticks were a no-go for us lol) on the center floor.  All the women wore pink uniforms and the men wore white uniforms.  Honestly, everyone was just chilling with no worries and no cares.

But, the thing I wanted to blog about was that there was a naked sauna/hot tub room! We couldn’t come in there with clothes on AT ALL! Darlings, I never seen so many naked women in my LIFE! I found it to be terrifying and uncomfortable, actually! But, Nicole and I decided somehow we will muster up the courage to go in there – naked. LOL. And yesterday morning, we did.  The point is I had to be comfortable, literally, with my body, flaws and all.  It was almost a sense of vulnerability present. Being vulnerable – I hate it. Oh the exposure.  Exposing all of me before these random women? I was scared. I was afraid they would judge me and my body.  There was no way I was entering that room feeling insecure, so it was imperative for me to deal with it prior.  At some point, I just said “eff it, this is my body; who cares if no one likes it.”  Once I said that, freedom reigned and I walked in that room with my head up high, comfortable in my own skin. *Cues Kanye’s ‘All Of The Lights’ intro*   Yes, the other women kept staring at my body, but hey whatever.  I mean, I can’t help that my body looks good and if they want to stare, then stare on!!! *Unbothered* LOL. However, I share this with because all that matters is YOU liking your body and yourself; what others think doesn’t matter.  As long as your comfortable with who you are, nothing can stop you.  When you stop worrying about what others think, freedom truly does reign. So, I’m glad I overcame this insecurity in this hilarious story, BUT my point has been made though.  Have an amazing day and be comfortable in your own skin ;)´╗┐

See below for pics (sorry no naked pics, creepers lol)!

´╗┐Silliness with my girl Nicole!´╗┐

´╗┐My dinner: Chicken Teriyaki (don’t ask me what that other stuff is because I don’t know either lol)´╗┐

´╗┐Bathroom selfie anyone?

Morning Motivation

So often we find ourselves stuck in the “wishing” well which can very much cause stagnation in our lives. There’s nothing wrong with wishing at all. In fact, I believe that wishing is the beginning of many dreams waiting to come into fruition. However, many of us continue wishing and don’t “do” it. Unfortunately, we allow such a gap between the wish and execution to exist which slowly causes internal deterioration. We begin to digress within, the longer we stare at what we wish/dream to happen. Our spirit man take a a plunder and opens doors for jealously, frustration, and even unhappiness. But, take heart, because all of that can change! You have the power and ability to close the gap of a simple wish and its manifestation. You may say it’s impossible, but relax because the word itself says “I’m Possible”. Whatever hesitation or doubt you may have, arrest it and lock it up for good! This is your time to do it. Just take a step and close that gap between a wish and manifestation. It’s your time. 

Showroom Silliness – New Beginnings!


Hi darlings,

I hope your day has been well. Today, I spent the afternoon interviewing two AMAZING designers that I believe you will love and connect to once you hear their testimonies! I’m so excited to present a new segment: AMOL (pronounced a-mole) Designer Interviews which will interview prominent designers EXCLUSIVELY giving you first-hand dibs on their collections and their personal testimonies on embracing their God-given selves to being models of life to inspire others.  My desire with this segment is to expose the world of fashion to you all and establish a connection between the designers and  the people in hopes to encourage and inspire YOU to be your God-given authentic selves. This segment will also provide fun stuff including FREE GIVEAWAYS- I’m so pleased to announced, so keep a lookout on those! In essence, this is a new year, new year to do bigger and better things to change the world. And this is segment is only the beginning! Be inspired!

*Oh, and I was just being silly in the showroom today – you’ll find out who’s showroom soon, so stay tuned ;)*