Speaking Engagement @ CGS C/O ’15 Commencement: Overcoming Adversity In Fashion


Hey darlings!

Remember in the last post when I spoke about a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY I had a week or so ago but didn’t have time to blog about it? Well, uh ahem. Let me be the first to tell that I was the COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER for the Contemporary Guidance Services Training School Class of 2015 on March 19th! It was SUCH an unexpected milestone in that I never ever imagined being a keynote speaker at someone’s graduation. If you would’ve told me this was in my future, I probably would have laughed in your face! Why? Because growing up I was always afraid of speaking before people because of my speech impediment due to my hearing impairment. But, two Thursdays I proved to myself how indestructible I really am by standing before those amazing graduates with their family and friends speaking about how I overcame my obstacles and challenges and provided tools for how to overcome THEIRS. This was a MAJOR accomplishment for some of these students, if not all, because many of them have an impairment, whether it’s learning, hearing, or vision.  There are some students with a mental illness and some with a history of substance abuse, so it was an honor for me to speak to them about overcoming my adversity (my hearing impairment and suffering from low self-esteem) to pursue my dreams in modeling and music. In essence, it was an awesome moment and below you can see pictures from the commencement and a short video clip to inspire you! And of course, I brought the fashion to the commencement ceremony! Be inspired 😉

Attire: Dress – Byron Lars Beauty Mark

Shoes – Bakers

For any booking inquiries, be sure to email me at amodeloflife@yahoo.com.

Here’s a mini video clip of insight that I shared! (I’ll be uploading a longer video clip of my speech soon, so stay tuned 😉 )

| I AM AN OVERCOMER| 👑 This afternoon I taught the graduates at Contemporary Guidance Services School how to overcome their obstacles and that they have everything they need within to overcome them, for I myself have overcome low self-esteem and fear of speaking before others because of my speech impediment due to my hearing impairment. I even had the students and their family & friends recite "I am an OVERCOMER and will overcome every obstacle that may come my way." And I encourage you to do the same. 🌸 #Overcomer #MoreThanAConqueror #CommencementSpeaker #KeynoteSpeaker #MotivationalSpeaker #Video #Footage #LifePrinciples #Teacher #Journey #Obstacles #HearingImpaired #SelfEsteem #EncourageYourself #Empowerment #Inspiration #Glam #Glamour #Fashion #BLBM #IWasLowKeyPreaching #StandStill #AModelOfLife

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 Posing with some of the graduates! They were SO proud!


 What’s life without a group selfie with one of the graduates and her friends?! 😉



 The back of this beautiful dress! Stunning! Designer Byron Lars did it AGAIN! That’s why I always go to him for special occasions and so should YOU!


Opportunities upon Opportunities!!

Ahhhh this is my reaction to all the many opportunities that are coming my way! Honestly, it’s one opportunity after another and it’s all due to God! I’m super blessed and can’t wait to share them with you darlings. I have a MAJOR opportunity tomorrow but I don’t think I’ll have the time to blog about in the midst of it, but I’ll try. However, keep pushing and going after your dreams. God will open doors that no man can shut! 😉

Attire: White Cut off Sweater – Bar III

            Woven Button Up – Hollister

            Skirt – H&M

            Flats – Express

            Necklace – Haven’t slightest clue, I’ve had it for so long

            Bracelet – My Grandmother’s

The Luxury of a Simple Smile

In life, things happen and it’s easy to allow our circumstances to dictate our moods and the outcomes of out days. But, what good is that? It, unfortunately, won’t change a thing. 

The pressures of life are hitting me hard as I continue to pursue my dreams and make an impact on others lives along the way. Last night I just threw the covers over my head and went to sleep. But, the Spirit woke me up in which I did get up because I had work to do! I still have lives to impact. I still have music to create. I still have dreams to pursue. I STILL HAVE TO KEEP MOVING. My pastor always says that we have to learn how to keep moving while we are going through what we are going through. Life will not pause just because there’s some minor turbulences in our lives.

 Sorry. I tried it and it doesn’t work. 

However, we do have the power to adjust how we respond to each circumstance as they come. And today, I choose to SMILE and believe that everything will be okay. God’s in control. My light will continue to shine in spite of everything. So darlings, I encourage you to keep smiling, keep shining, and keep moving in spite of your circumstances. 😉

Attire: Dress – Bar III

            Bracelet – My Grandmother’s

A Model of Life: Designer Byron Lars

Good Morning darlings!

Designer Byron Lars has a message for you!

I believe that we are all models of life, some representation of life.  Although we may differ in so many ways, we are more alike than you can imagine.  In fact, the world would probably be a better place if we focused more on our similarities than our differences.  One major commonality is that we were ALL created by the same work of hands of God, yet He individually packaged us with our own set of gifts and talents.  There may be those who share similar interests and passions, but there will never be anyone like YOU. There is no one who can put together outfits like YOU. No one who can cook the way YOU do.  No one can juggle two jobs and STILL pursue your passion the way that YOU do.  No one.  So take this morning and reflect on how awesome you are and be who you were called to be.  YOU matter.  And as designer Byron Lars says, YOU are a model of life.  Good day!

You can also see more of the full EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW here!

Morning darlings! Designer Byron Lars has a message for YOU! I believe that we are ALL models of life, we each represent some of form of life whether you're a designer, caretaker, journalist, a nurturing mother or anything else. We were all uniquely created by God and it's important to understand that. So let Byron Lars inspire you to be your God-given authentic selves and to live life to the fullest! #AModelOfLife 🌸. #Blogger #FashionBlogger #Brand #Platform #Inspiration #God #Authentic #Videos #ExclusiveInterview #FashionIndustry #Womenswear #YesThatsHisFabricBoard #GoodMorning. Stay tuned for Part 2 of my EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with @byronlarsbm my blog @ amodeloflife.wordpress.com AND a chance to win FREE pieces from his collection!🌸☺️

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Exciting News: The Battle of the Dresses

The Battle of the Dresses: Who wore it better?!😜 Congrats to my dear @byronlarsbm on such a stunning dress gracing the cover of @essencemag with THE beautiful @traceeellisross whom I love! Thank you so much for my beautiful dress!😘 Well, TOMORROW, I’ll be giving you darlings EMPOWERING details from my EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with designer Byron Lars on his new collection, faith, AND music on my blog! AND there’ll be FREE GIVEAWAYS from his collection! So be sure to follow and subscribe to my blog @ amodeloflife.wordpress.com for the exclusive deets and a chance to win one of his pieces!😁🌸☺️

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Pic by: Hannah Stoudemire