The Luxury of Taking Over This Male-Dominated World

Morning darlings!

Though the road you’re treading may seem a bit a slow and everyone is passing you by, keep moving and don’t give up. For every detour you’ve made, there’s another door ready for you to walk through. How ever bumps and turns you’ve encountered on your journey, you’re still on the path to success. Success is not just about having money or cars and expensive clothing, it’s about accomplishing what you set out to do! So leave that materialistic mindset at the door and reach for something greater than you. Keep your eyes ahead on the prize with your vision a keen and move forward to success!

As I become more conscious of my true self, my style continues to evolve. Unfortunately, this world is still male-dominated when it comes to power holders. But, I believe that we, women, can quickly reverse that and are currently on the path to! Inspired by male-dominated power holders, I desired to conquer the essence of menswear with my attire and attitude. Even as I graced the streets of the concrete jungle in NYC, I felt as if I could literally take over the world with this attire. And that’s the attitude you should carry EVERYDAY! So darlings, let’s keep moving, take over this male-dominated world, and look better in menswear than they do, while doing so. Be inspired 😉

Attire: Blazer – H&M 

           Plaid shirt – Hollister

           Black Jeans – Ann Taylor

          Buckled Loafers – Asos


New Year: New Zone!

IMG_0465Darlings, it’s a new year. February is already flying through; we’re getting ready to hit the half way mark! For some, they might say, ‘Yikes’ and others (like myself) may say ‘Yeaaaaaaaa’.  But, I’m saying yea because I’ve made up my mind (seriously though, not like the other times) to be UNCOMFORTABLE this year. Being uncomfortable is the direct result of stepping outside of your comfortable zone. Yes, it’s scary.  But, it’s the only way to grow and see the change in your life that you OH so desire to see.  Doing the same thing that you’ve been doing (that I’ve been doing) isn’t going to make the cut this year. I truly believe that this is OUR year, so we MUST go after what we want (I’ll discuss further about this in another post). And we can only do that outside of our comfort zone.

So c’mon, fall out of love with your zone and GO GET WHAT YOU WANT!

Doing Something Luxuriously Different

I just literally just got off the phone with my best friend and we had a great thought-provoking conversation concerning my future.  I’m really grateful to have a friend who truly supports me through it all.  But, she posed a question that stirred my spirit asking me, “What are you going to do differently this time?”.  What am I going to do differently this time around pursing my career?  As the saying goes, do the same thing and you’ll get the same results; do something different and you’ll get different results.

Well, making it in NYC isn’t the easiest task, to say the least.  It’s like a secret love/hate relationship.  You love it here so much but it’s so hard trying to make it which I hate.  The struggle.  New York is the hardest place to live, in my opinion, in which I believe others would agree.  As they say, “If you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere.”  I’m almost certain that I can make it in all the other 49 states of America.  But, New York though?  I think I’m being tested from all angles.  If people only knew what I’ve been through just to live here!

Survival of the Fittest + The Concrete Jungle = New York City.

Sometimes I think I’m crazy for trying to pursue my dreams in NYC. And sometimes, I start to believe it. Lol.

No, seriously.

But, what am I going to do differently this time?  I don’t want the same results; I need to bear fruit.


You know what?  I know what I’m going to do this time.  I’m going to do what’s out of my comfort zone.  Whatever I was afraid of, I’m going to attack it and do it.  THAT’s what I’m going to do differently. There are so many things that I want to do but there are minor hurdles along the way that stretches me,  but I don’t want to overcome them because they’re out of MY comfort zone.

At this point in my life,  I’m left with no choice but to do something differently to get different results.  And the way to do that is to do everything that’s out of my comfort zone.

So, what are you doing to do differently?