The Luxurious Change of A Season

Ahem. Fall is here.

The season has officially changed.

And so should yours.

I’m a firm believer that there’s a season for everything. A season of favor. A season of troubling waters. And so forth.

As the seasons change, so should we. We should be evolving and maturing in every aspect of our lives. When trouble arise, we should take those lessons and apply them to the next, better season of our lives. We should rise after every fall. We should smile after draining tear. We should help another after we’ve been help. There has to be a counteract after everything we’ve been through.

You might have been down this last season, but now it’s time to get up. You might have been broke the last season, but now it’s time to acquire wealth. You might have been brokenhearted the last season, but now it’s time to love again.

Change, my darling. Change.

You can do it.

Be out with the old and in with the new.

Renew your mind. I know it’s hard. Just try it for a day and go from there.

Now is the time.

The season has changed. And so can you. 😉


In Harlem today adjusting to the change of season, of course in style!

The Dream Continues: Walking in NYFW SS’15

Whoooooo hey darlings!

So life has been in a spin and I’m just NOW starting to catch up to it!

No complaints here, I’m just blessed. However, I haven’t had the opportunity to share some of the fashion highlights of my life for the past months, but now I am! So for starters, I walked in NEW YORK FASHION WEEK AGAIN, by the grace of God!!! I didn’t think I was going to get booked for any shows this season, but I did! My dream is STILL CONTINUING!

But, I booked the show for designer Byron Lars and his collection is just SPECTACULAR for the Spring/Summer ’15 collection. There were some pretty cool highlights of the night in which I will share with you some of my exclusive photos! AND, I stood next to AND spoke with THE LEGENDARY BEVERLY JOHNSON before I graced the runway! This dynamic woman was the 1st African American model to land the cover of VOGUE magazine in 1974!! When I say it was an honor to meet her, it was an HONOR! There was a moment when I was on the runway, she looked at me from the front row and smiled and gave me that “I’m proud of you” look seeing another black model on the runway and began cheering me on! Ahh I’m so humbled. I’ll never forget that moment. This pic below is for all the black girls with dreams of modeling and for all those who dare to stand in their uniqueness and go after their dreams!


Andddddd for all you track and field lovers, I had some photo booth fun with the fastest woman alive Olympian Carmelita Jeter (USA of course duh!)! It was CRAZY sitting next to her while getting our makeup done before the show – I kept looking at her, trying not to stare her down because I knew her from somewhere but I couldn’t think of her name! But, I finally got the boldness to ask her and when she told me who she was, I almost fell out of my chair!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! I NEVER thought I would be sitting next to or even having a conversation with Carmelita Jeter!! For those who don’t know, I LOVE TRACK AND FIELD! It’s the only sport I seriously watch and stalk all the athletes!! I’m a HUGE fan, being that I used to run track in high school. I actually as a kid had dreams of going to the Olympics being a track runner, but I gave that dream up. But, obviously God still loves me because He blessed me with the opportunity to meet a top Olympian, let alone the fastest woman alive right now who’s fulfilling my dreams. I hope this post encourages you all. Sweet dreams!


See below for more footage!

My look for Byron Lars’ SS’15 Collection


Getting my hair and makeup done!


Having fun backstage!

Models have to eat right?

With model Sheila J!

A runway view!