AMOL Spotlight: Little Black Girls at New York Fashion Week

By far, this photo is my FAVORITE photo from New York FashionWeek! I love it because these little girls experienced one of the most coveted places to be and at seven years old, a whole new world was opened unto them. It’s also phenomenal because there was a time where attending NYFW shows was just a dream for black people and sharing this moment with these beautiful little black girls was an awesome feeling! After the show, we (along with my friend Hannah whose daughter is on the left) went backstage for the girls to hang out with the models, get makeup done, and take lots of pictures. In fact, the photographers took more pics of them than me!! Lol!!! They stole the show!! I love when little black girls are exposed to the limitless possibilities of this world and dare to dream bigger! Be inspired;)

Who gets an exclusive pic with the designer Taoray Wang after her F/W ’15 Presentation? They do!

Backstage Access with Kelly Cutrone! She adored Taelynn-Marie and Mahogany!

Hanging out with the models! The models LOVED their outfits! Lol

The girls freshing up backstage in the model mirrors!


Day 5: NYFW Recap

Hi darlings!

Yesterday was a VERY long day for me as Fashion Week consumed majority of my day which is a GREAT thing since I love it so much. Just being in the atmosphere, gets my blood pumping and adrenaline spiking throughout my body. It’s a wonderful time and wonderful place – I pray that each of you get the opportunity to attend at some point. But, for now, you can follow through my eyes!

Attending shows with my fashion twin is a BLAST! We are literally seeing our dreams manifest! You can also check out her blog at 🙂

Backstage Access! Hanging out with the makeup artists, models, press, and others before the show! LOTS of action!

I love chatting with my fellow models! She is such a beauty both inside and out, getting ready before she hit the runway!

The Model Lineup! This chart visually shows what each model is wearing and the order that they come out onto the runway. EVERY designer has a model lineup board behind the stage so everyone can be on one accord and the presentation may go smoothly…..

This is what the scene looks like under the tent right before the presentation begins with the designer’s name. I attended Taoray Wang’s F/W ’15 (you might remember her from my review of last season’s presentation) which was absolutely stunning. I will do a separate post with video clips and exclusive pictures from her runway presentation, so stay tuned!

While there, I met my identical fashion twin! Our looks were SO similar, I just HAD to take a pic!

Be inspired 😉

Day 4: NYFW

It’s my time, so don’t be surprised.
I plan to conquer the world, one day at a time and so should you. We have everything we need inside of us to do so. So let’s conquer this world and look good at it too! Be inspired;)

*This look was inspired by my mother – I remember my mother wearing this look when I was a little girl*

Attire: Fur Coat – Family coat that finally got passed down to me!
Dress: Zara
Shoes: BCBCGeneration
Scarf: My mother’s
Sunglasses: Liz Claiborne

Happy Fashion Week!

Hey darlings!

Well, you know it’s one of my favorite time of the year because it’s New York Fashion Week! I’ve been on 100 ALL day!! Lol. I’m looking forward to meeting new fashionistas and viewing what’s in line for the fall/winter collections from all of the top and new designers this week in which I’ll be sharing with you exclusive pics, of course, so you can get a peek inside the fashion capital and be there! Today, I kept my attire very chic and clean with a slight edge. See below for what I’m wearing and try to create a look with your twists on it (please take a pic and share it with me and I’ll definitely post it on my blog – I want to see all of your creativity darlings!). Be inspired 😉

Attire: Blazer – H&M
Denim oversized shirt – Vintage shirt that belonged to my grandmother (it’s my FAV)
Gray Shirt (underneath the denim shirt) – H&M
Leggings – H&M
Boots – Nine West
Hat – H&M
Pearl Necklace – Forever21