Ha! A video from our President to brighten your day!



The Luxurious Moment of LIVING!!


That’s what you and I should be doing at this very moment!!

I literally (like 5 seconds ago) just posted a quote about living. So often, we get so busy with life, going to work, running errands, cleaning the house, and etc that we forget what’s really important: LIVING! We can become negligent towards ourselves at times. But, darlings, why is that? Why do we forget to live? Why do we wait until something drastic happens to us in our lives? Well, we shouldn’t. Enough Said.

At this very moment, today, let’s live. Let’s live life to the fullest. 2012 IS going to be the greatest year of lives yet! So, let’s not wait another minute, another day, another month or another year! We have the power to live!

Sometimes (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) I look at celebrities and some friends and see all the great things they are doing and having fun at and actually get bummed because from comparing my life to theirs, I’m not doing anything remotely exciting! But, then I realize (and assuage my mind) that I have the power to change that. My life can be just as exciting as theirs if 1. I stop comparing my life to theirs first and 2. I make a decision to LIVE!

It’s not hard to live, it only requires a self-love appreciation and proclamation that living is a must! So I encourage you to start doing things you enjoy today! If that means reading a book, going to a football game, or whatever, just do it and LIVE!

Live your life. And live it for YOU!

I like dressing up and playing in makeup (such a girl, I know..LOL!), so I’ll leave a pic of me from this weekend! Enjoy darlings 😉

A New Day is Such a Luxury


OMG, it’s been forever since I’ve posted a post. Don’t worry darlings, I haven’t forgotten about you all.  These past two weeks have been CRAZY, ever since I had to go back home to St. Louis to bury my cousin Sean.  Man, I miss him so much and it still feels so unreal. Man. Surprisingly, it was a pleasant visit home this time but for such a terrible occasion.  But, my family and I got through it the best we could, with the help of the Lord.  Everything has been happening so fast; I need to regroup, to process everything. Whoo!!


Can you believe it’s April already?! My goodness! 2012 is coming by fast! We are getting so close to the middle of the year!

Needless to say, it’s a new month, a new day.  Whatever you didn’t do last month, you can do this month. Essentially, whatever you didn’t do yesterday, you can do today.  A new day essentially means a new beginning, so take advantage of it.  Sometimes, we get so caught up in our mistakes, our failures, our disappointments and forget that we can get back up again and try again. Yes, tomorrow isn’t promised, but if you do see tomorrow, it’s another chance to try again. It’s a new day.

If you didn’t tell your loved ones “I love you,” it’s a new day.

If you forgot to pay your bill, it’s a new day.

If you didn’t meet your financial goal, it’s a new day.

If you didn’t start on your spring cleaning yet, it’s a new day.

If you didn’t do anything for yourself last month, it’s a new day.

If you haven’t conquered your fears, it’s a new day.

If you have been standing in your own way, it’s a new day.

It’s a new day, so rejoice in it. Put a smile on and hold your head up high.

It’s a new day.




A Luxurious Encouragement

Hi darling! Good morning!

I haven’t forgotten about you all; I’ve just been extremely busy this week and getting adjusted to my new schedule.

But, I just wanted to encourage you this morning.

Keep pushing. Don’t give up today.  Everything is going to work out, so don’t stress over it.  Today is going to be a great day. Leave yesterday’s worries alone and stay focused on the goal.

I believe in you.

Just push it out.