My Luxurious Feature on The Uptown Lounge

Hey darlings,

Yesterday I was featured in a post on a really cool site called The Uptown Lounge. It’s an awesome feeling to have my story told and shared all over. I’ve been so overwhelmed by all of the responses from people I know and don’t know. I never even thought that my testimony could move so many people. But here’s a screenshot of my feature and the link to read it. Feel free to share with others! Be awesome today darlings 🙂



My Testimony: Hearing Impaired Model in NYFW F/W ’14

photo 4(1)

Y’all looking at the first black hearing impaired model that’s walked in New York Fashion Week!!! Who would’ve thought a little hearing impaired girl from St. Louis would’ve made it to the Big Apple strutting the runway?! People used to run their mouth about me for being different, but look at me now! Being hearing impaired my ENTIRE life, my ear drums are severely damaged that I should be deaf and mute! Half of the things y’all hear, I can’t even hear!! And of course, my main gift is in music.  And the only man who is responsible for this: Jesus. #NYFW #NattTaylor #HearingImpairedModel #ImDifferent #GodDidIt #HeWillGetTheGlory

See below for more backstage photos 🙂

photo 4My AMAZING outfit the show! Check out these high waisted pants! Yes Lawwd!!

photo 5Me and the beautiful designer Natt Taylor! Her designs are amazing!!

You can visit her at her website or follow her on Instagram @natttaylor!!

photo 1Getting my face BEAT by the makeup artist Kristin!

photo 2Me and the lovely makeup artist Kristin (Peep her standing on her toes lol)

photo 3Some of the other models and part of the Natt Taylor Fall/Winter ’14 Collection!

photo 3(1)Models beings models!

photo 2(1)Doing what we do best: modeling and being silly! Lol!

Understanding the Power of Influence is a Luxury

Making a difference.

This past weekend I had the honor of speaking on a panel for the Black College Tour: College Life Workshop before ambitious high schoolers.  Little do they know how much joy it brought me to impart knowledge into their young minds.  Being able to reflect on my college experience to share wisdom and the tools that I was equipped with, gave me a sense a purpose.  It was an empowering moment understanding that I possessed enough power and influence to encourage one of those amazing students to attend a college or university which essentially will further enhance the richness of their lives.  My experience alone definitely provided more than enough chuckles to spark their curiosity about their possible college adventure!  As I stood before the students and their parents,  I felt a palpable endearment towards making a difference in students’ lives.  Not just in their lives, but in others as well.  I know this is only the beginning of many more speakings, but this start sparked a new found passion.  Why?  I was exposed to the power of influence.  So, why not influence for good?  I may not have a platform to influence millions, but if I can just influence one student, then I’ve done my job.

And here’s a photo of my dapper friend Kraig and myself at the workshop!

Black College Tour