Chic – Ness in the Rain


    Although I hate the rain, it doesn’t stop me from looking chic in it! This morning, I woke up (in a rush of course smh) in a tomboyish mood, but didn’t want to complete a full tomboy look, so I threw on this frilly skirt to add a touch a feminity to my look. This SICK bomber jacket sets the tone especially with “New York” written on the back of it. And of course, today’s rainy forecast called for my messy bun – my go-to hairstyle! Thankfully, I came prepared and packed my umbrella which brought my look to life for the rain!! A bold colored umbrella is always the key to standing out. So darlings, if you ever find yourself entering the rain, you can still keep it chic! Be inspired 😉 


 Attire: Bomber jacket – Mango

             Skirt: Forever21

             Boots – Target

            Umbrella – I found it laying by itself, it was a lost umbrella looking for its new owner, ME lol 



Speaking Engagement @ CGS C/O ’15 Commencement: Overcoming Adversity In Fashion


Hey darlings!

Remember in the last post when I spoke about a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY I had a week or so ago but didn’t have time to blog about it? Well, uh ahem. Let me be the first to tell that I was the COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER for the Contemporary Guidance Services Training School Class of 2015 on March 19th! It was SUCH an unexpected milestone in that I never ever imagined being a keynote speaker at someone’s graduation. If you would’ve told me this was in my future, I probably would have laughed in your face! Why? Because growing up I was always afraid of speaking before people because of my speech impediment due to my hearing impairment. But, two Thursdays I proved to myself how indestructible I really am by standing before those amazing graduates with their family and friends speaking about how I overcame my obstacles and challenges and provided tools for how to overcome THEIRS. This was a MAJOR accomplishment for some of these students, if not all, because many of them have an impairment, whether it’s learning, hearing, or vision.  There are some students with a mental illness and some with a history of substance abuse, so it was an honor for me to speak to them about overcoming my adversity (my hearing impairment and suffering from low self-esteem) to pursue my dreams in modeling and music. In essence, it was an awesome moment and below you can see pictures from the commencement and a short video clip to inspire you! And of course, I brought the fashion to the commencement ceremony! Be inspired 😉

Attire: Dress – Byron Lars Beauty Mark

Shoes – Bakers

For any booking inquiries, be sure to email me at

Here’s a mini video clip of insight that I shared! (I’ll be uploading a longer video clip of my speech soon, so stay tuned 😉 )

| I AM AN OVERCOMER| 👑 This afternoon I taught the graduates at Contemporary Guidance Services School how to overcome their obstacles and that they have everything they need within to overcome them, for I myself have overcome low self-esteem and fear of speaking before others because of my speech impediment due to my hearing impairment. I even had the students and their family & friends recite "I am an OVERCOMER and will overcome every obstacle that may come my way." And I encourage you to do the same. 🌸 #Overcomer #MoreThanAConqueror #CommencementSpeaker #KeynoteSpeaker #MotivationalSpeaker #Video #Footage #LifePrinciples #Teacher #Journey #Obstacles #HearingImpaired #SelfEsteem #EncourageYourself #Empowerment #Inspiration #Glam #Glamour #Fashion #BLBM #IWasLowKeyPreaching #StandStill #AModelOfLife

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 Posing with some of the graduates! They were SO proud!


 What’s life without a group selfie with one of the graduates and her friends?! 😉



 The back of this beautiful dress! Stunning! Designer Byron Lars did it AGAIN! That’s why I always go to him for special occasions and so should YOU!

The Luxurious Process in God’s Timing

IMG_1368Change will come.  In its time, it will.  So often I long for the woman that I’ve been blossoming within to manifest to the natural.  And surely, she has been and will be.  But, there are things that still have to be processed and refined through the fire. In due time, the world will see all that I am – in God’s timing. It’s always a process. So for now, I’ll keep growing and trusting God in the process.

Attire: Dress – Byron Lars Beauty Mark

Boots – My favorite “beat-down” boots from Target (they’re hanging on for dear life right now lol)

Hat: H&M

The Luxury of Taking Over This Male-Dominated World

Morning darlings!

Though the road you’re treading may seem a bit a slow and everyone is passing you by, keep moving and don’t give up. For every detour you’ve made, there’s another door ready for you to walk through. How ever bumps and turns you’ve encountered on your journey, you’re still on the path to success. Success is not just about having money or cars and expensive clothing, it’s about accomplishing what you set out to do! So leave that materialistic mindset at the door and reach for something greater than you. Keep your eyes ahead on the prize with your vision a keen and move forward to success!

As I become more conscious of my true self, my style continues to evolve. Unfortunately, this world is still male-dominated when it comes to power holders. But, I believe that we, women, can quickly reverse that and are currently on the path to! Inspired by male-dominated power holders, I desired to conquer the essence of menswear with my attire and attitude. Even as I graced the streets of the concrete jungle in NYC, I felt as if I could literally take over the world with this attire. And that’s the attitude you should carry EVERYDAY! So darlings, let’s keep moving, take over this male-dominated world, and look better in menswear than they do, while doing so. Be inspired 😉

Attire: Blazer – H&M 

           Plaid shirt – Hollister

           Black Jeans – Ann Taylor

          Buckled Loafers – Asos

Opportunities upon Opportunities!!

Ahhhh this is my reaction to all the many opportunities that are coming my way! Honestly, it’s one opportunity after another and it’s all due to God! I’m super blessed and can’t wait to share them with you darlings. I have a MAJOR opportunity tomorrow but I don’t think I’ll have the time to blog about in the midst of it, but I’ll try. However, keep pushing and going after your dreams. God will open doors that no man can shut! 😉

Attire: White Cut off Sweater – Bar III

            Woven Button Up – Hollister

            Skirt – H&M

            Flats – Express

            Necklace – Haven’t slightest clue, I’ve had it for so long

            Bracelet – My Grandmother’s