Not Giving Up is a Luxury in Itself

Last week, I went to an audition which was way out of my comfort zone to say the least.  All throughout last week, I diligently prepared for it – every night was a late night, amidst the million other things I had to accomplished each day.  Nonetheless, I did it – the audition.  I feel extremely accomplished especially because I originally wasn’t planning on auditioning.  Also, I’m very proud of myself for two reasons:

1. I stepped outside of my comfort zone.

2. When frustration arose and I felt defeated, I got back up and tried it again.

For me, stepping outside of my comfort zone into the deep was a major accomplishment! Whenever someone launches out into the deep in the unknown, it requires a great deal of courage and belief in one’s self (so I must be one brave woman!!!).  No, I’m not sure of the outcome and clearly lack the foresight into the future; however, whatever happens, it’s for the best.  Everything does happen for a reason, even if nothing comes out of this opportunity, I know that this particular experience will somehow work in my favor, in preparing me for something bigger and better.

In addition, there was a moment where my frustration and fluttery surfaced which resulted in a mental defeat.  I couldn’t explain what happened nor why it happened.  One minute I was basking with excitement and then the next second, I went blank! What in the world?! Without a doubt, I wanted to give up.  But, something inside of me said, “C’mon, do it again.”  As irritated as I was, somehow I mustered up the strength and courage and did it again in which my audition ended very well.  I’m sharing this experience simply because it’s always so easy to give up, trust me I know, but it’s important and critical to our success to push through the challenging moments, for it’s only temporary anyways.  We’ve already done half the work by just even getting to the destination; we’ve come so far that we can’t give up now.  If you and I can just push through this hump, push through that mental defeat, it will all be worth it in the end.

So stay encouraged.

You can do it.  I did it. 🙂




Luxury: NY Fashion Week SS’14

A new season.  New people.  New mindset.  New opportunities.  Everything is simply new.  I don’t even feel like the same person.  Things have change, for the better.  Manifestation is upon me – I can’t even describe all that’s happening right now.  But, persistence pays off.

Last week on Friday, September 6, I had the opportunity to walk in New York Fashion Week for designer Kahindo Mateene presenting her SS’14 Modahnik collection, a part of Harlem’s Fashion Row at Jazz @ Lincoln Center.  I’ve walked in plenty of shows before, but this one was quite MAJOR! As I type this, I’m getting excited all over again.  I have dreamed of this moment over and over and over again, and to see it come to pass was emotional and overwhelming!  It was such a humbling experience because it has taken me two years to get to this point; there were many nights when I wanted to quit, BUT I couldn’t because there was something inside of me so strong that wouldn’t allow me to.  My God!  One step at a time.  A step. That day was so special to me, one that I will always cherish – the lights, cameras, photographers, makeup, hair team, the excitement, the dim lights, the craziness before the show, and the runway! AHHHHH, such a major accomplishment for me! For a glimpse of my experience, be sure to check out some of the photos and videos below!

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4With Designer Kahindo Mateene for SS’14 Modahnik

@Modahnik Spring 2014 Collection @HarlemsFashionRow. #essencenyfw #nyfw

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Click on the link above to see the finale video from Essence Magazine @essencemag (I’m the last model ;))

Click on the link above to see the finale walk from my friend and fashion blogger Khalia’s view @thecoveted_k (I’m the last model ;))